What it takes to get a job in private equity

Gail McManus

“Getting a job in private equity is not the same as doing a job in private equity. They’re not actually evenly related.”

So said Gail McManus, managing director at executive search firm PER,  during last month’s webinar, What does it take to get a job in private equity?

McManus went on: “I’m sure all of you have worked with people in your careers where you thought, ‘Why have they got this job?’ Well actually, it’s not because they are any good at doing it, because clearly they’re not. But what they were very good at was getting the job.”

Surely it was one of the more winsome observations to come out of a program chock full of practical advice for private equity job seekers.

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Best practices for cultivating relationships with executive recruiters

Solveigh Marcks

So many wonderful relationships in private equity fall apart at the starting line.

An executive recruiter calls you about a job opportunity. You’re happily settled in a lucrative position. In a moment of pique you respond–curtly–that you’re not interested. The executive recruiter makes a note that future contact with you may prove unrewarding.

By the same token, you may recall past job searches where you emailed executive recruiters. You thought they would jump at the chance to help you. But little came of the outreach and you concluded that it was a waste of time.

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