Vidya Capital formed to back funds committed to doing good

Vidya Capital Partners launched this month to channel money from both wealthy people and institutional investors into the coffers of fund managers that support environmental, social and governance causes.

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Executive recruiters enjoy banner 2022

Demand for private equity professionals remains strong judging from a recent survey of executive recruiters.

Of 42 executive recruitment firms that responded to a survey for our third-edition Guide to Private Equity Executive Recruiters and Talent Executives during the summer and fall, nearly all expected to handle more private equity-related assignments this year compared with 2021.

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Industry struggles to achieve diversity as year winds down

It hasn’t been a banner year for diversity, as the industry struggled to add more women and minorities to its ranks according to our annual PE Diversitometer benchmark.

So far this year, the industry has been hiring just about one woman for every two men–consistent with what we found in 2021. That’s according to a sample set of 825 hires in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom tracked by Private Equity Career News.

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A message from BluWave: Here’s How Leading Private Equity Firms Spent Their Time in Q3

BluWave is trusted by more than 500 leading PE firms on thousands of critical projects, giving us a unique perspective into key trends in private equity. In Q3, we supported leading PE firms as they continued to run towards the storm, focusing on unique strategies that would allow them to thrive in the economic downcycle. Top takeaways from Q3 include:

  • Value creation remains robust at 69% of all PE activity
  • Human capital remains a primary PE focus area
  • Technology activity as well as sales & marketing activity have substantially increased YoY