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You know how valuable it is to have clear, accurate compensation data.

In fact, you’d spend close to $4,000 for a copy of the annual compensation study that I oversaw a few years ago as executive editor of Buyouts Magazine.

Now that I have my own publishing company, I’m determined to make great compensation data affordable—especially for those who share their own data on a confidential basis.

All professionals who work at PE firms, independent sponsors or PE money managers (such as funds of funds) are eligible to participate. Just complete our 10-minute survey and you will receive a full copy of the study when it’s published later this year.

The survey requires you to provide your name, firm and email address. However, keeping your data confidential is my number one priority, and I will do it through a two-step process:

  • Once I download your data into an Excel spreadsheet, I will delete your response from SurveyMonkey;
  • I will then remove your name, email address and firm name from your compensation data in Excel and place them in a separate file (in some cases after asking you for a clarification or to fill in any questions left blank); even I won’t be able to associate compensation data with any individual.

Your copy of the study will provide accurate salary, bonus, and carry data with which to benchmark your compensation. It will also cover a host of other components of compensation, from co-investment programs to 401Ks.

I look forward to counting you in!


David M. Toll
Publisher, Private Equity Career News

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